Solid fuel fired Thermic fluid Heater

Product Range:

  • From 1,00,000 kcal/Hr. to 50,00,000 kcal/Hr.
  • Temperature upto  300°C
  • Fuel : coal, wood, lignite, briquette, agro waste such as bagasse, husk.
  • Firing : manual as well as automatic with bubbling bed or fluidised bed combustion

Solid fuel fired thermic fluid heater has two sets of coils. One is provided above the furnace to take advantage of radiant heat exchange and other set is used to carry out convective heat transfer. The thermic fluid is recirculated from process in closed loop with the help of the circulation pump.

Salient Features

  • Excess Air optimisation: Radiant Heat Exchange is carried out above the furnace Hence, less excess air is required and ultimately increase efficiency.
  • Air preheating: combustion air from FD fan passes through air preheater that absorbs the waste heat in the fuel gases. It ultimately results in increase in efficiency.
  • Balanced Draught System: It means reduction of infiltration of unwanted air though fire gates of minimum level. It results into maximum heat recovery from air preheater and assures greater efficiency.